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Company and Product Testimonials

From our Customers

About The Company:

“The staff at HealthyBlend is always very helpful. I usually have a lot of questions and my nutritionist Lynn is very knowledgeable. I like that I get a call every 30 days to check on my progress. I believe that HealthyBlend really cares about me. ” – L. Schendel

” I have been taking the products from HealthyBlend USA for three years and they have changed the quality of my life.  No more Insulin, lost 4 dress sizes and my medicines have been reduced or eliminated.  Thank you for changing my life.”   –  B. Murray

“I have been taking the products from HealthyBlend for a couple years.  The lives of my husband and myself have been dramatically changed.  I can’t sleep and my husband has Alzheimers.  We were in 2 different worlds.  The Genesis, Mind Over Matter and Stem Cell Complete have allowed me to sleep and has allowed my husband to come out of a world of fog to remembering who I am and communicating.  Thank you.” – I. Dingler

“The products from HealthyBlend work.  I have been trying natural products for years.  I experienced one disappointment after another.  HealthyBlend restored my faith in natural products and mankind.  Not only do the products work, but the people work with you.  They check on us to make sure we get the results we are looking for, they make sure we get exactly what we need.  God Bless You.  Thank you.” – E. Griffin”

HealthyBlend is more than a company that provides product, they are a caring family.  My representative stuck with me after the loss of my husband and made sure that the products restored my physical and mental health.  The products are amazing and do what they say they’re going to do.  I am living proof.” – L. Cain”

I’ve been buying from HealthyBlend USA since 2017.  They are a very ethical company.  I take their Root Boost, Genesis, CBD Oil and Prostacia.” – L. Bierman”

I’m an 80 year old woman from Los Angeles CA.  HealthyBlend is a great company and FDA Regulated.  I started taking their products in 2016 and have continued happily.  I take Genesis, Stem Cell Complete and Mind Over Matter.  The company has a fantastic customer service department.  Try their products and you will love them!” – B. Frazier

“I’ve been taking HealthyBlend USA Organic Supplements for 5 years.  I take Genesis, Berry Beneficial and Stem Cell Complete.  It has gotten my sugar into the 90s and A1C down to where I take no meds.” – L. Braunstein

“I’ve been taking Berry Beneficial, Root Boost and Mind Over Matter for 3 years and love their products.  The products work and my nutritionist calls me every 30 days to check up on me.”     – G. Carlow

“I can’t live without my Stem Cell Complete.  It makes me feel better.  The CBD Oil is amazing as well.  I am wheelchair bound and I rub it on my pain spots and in 15 minutes my pain is better.” – A. Walker

“I have been taking Genesis almost 3 years and it has helped tremendously with the weakness in my muscles and my knee problems.  Throughout the last few years I’ve tried a few of the other products & they are all wonderful.  Not only do they have great products, but the customer service is exceptional.  I feel blessed that they genuinely care about me & and my Health.” – P. Radtke

“Wow!  I’d like to state I’m in love with ALL HealthyBlend Products.  Each and every product has made an impact in some way aiding in my main goal – prevention.  I’m one satisfied customer!  I can proudly state that the past 3 years with this company, and the fact my counselor Lynn makes me laugh a lot, it’s been quite an enjoyable experience since I’m on a regimen that gives me everything I’m looking for.”  – K.  Jalbert

“HealthyBlend products are great!  I’m taking several of them, and have been for over 2 years.  I have more energy and feel the company as a whole has a good thing going.  I trust them completely and know the quality can’t be matched.  I just have to say again, I LOVE the products!”  –  J. Flanders

“I really enjoy the company’s products.  I especially love my counselor Lynn.  She’s great and very knowledgeable.” – A. Irvin

Berry Beneficial w/Ginseng:

“Berry Beneficial w/Ginseng has really improved my quality of life. My Cholesterol and Blood Pressure are now under control & I owe thanks to HealthyBlend for providing an affordable product that works.” – D. Piccone

“I’ve been taking Berry Beneficial for my High Blood Pressure and Thyroid.  I love the energy I get.  I feel like I’m 15 years younger.” – N. Moore

CBD Oil:

“I have a C-4 neck problem that pinches the nerve in my back & the pain travels down my arm. I had taken the shots from the doctor… and before I went for my last shot… I decided to try the CBD Oil. Since taking the CBD Oil, my pain level has gone from an 8 down to a 2!” – D. Link

The CBD is GREAT!! I have M.S. which severely depletes my strength and energy. The 1st day I got it, I took 1 full dropper of the CBD Oil and had so much energy and strength that I cleaned 2 rooms in my house! I also have 2 friends (Barbara & Shirley, one 85 yrs old and one 62 yrs old) that came over and gave them a drop and they did the same! They said they will be calling in to order. I live in a cul-de-sac (for the last 35 yrs) and I’m going to tell everyone to call in and order CBD! I’m also excited that I will get a free product for my referral!!! – C Zanko

Best way to use the CBD oil for me was to rub the oil right on my knee. The pain goes away after about 10 minutes and I can back to whatever I need to do. Thank you HealthyBlend and my rep Stephen for introducing it to me – J McCarty

Skin Sense:

“After trying numerous products that didn’t work, I decided to try 1 last product – Skin Sense. I’m very grateful I did. My skin is no longer dry and I’ve noticed some of my wrinkles have started to fade. Maybe in another 6 months I will be wrinkle-free!” – J. Dixon

I truly believe my daughters acne and skin conditions have been helped by the Skin Sense. If I don’t have any in the house, she’ll won’t keep hounding me about it until I get more – G Northrup


“My blood sugar has been the lowest it’s ever been and my husband’s has been great as well. Thank you so much for such an amazing product because the Genesis is definitely helping.” – J. Adamik

“The Genesis product is DYN-O-MITE!!!!” – J. Bozik

“I am very happy with the results from taking the Genesis product. My A1C has gone from 7.8 to normal according to my doctor. I have also lost 75 lbs!” – P. Bordeaux

I won’t miss a day of taking my Genesis. I take it religiously and I like how it tastes!    – J Johnson

“I am almost done with my first jar of Genesis and I love it.  It is giving me energy and I feel great.  I will be ordering more.”  – F. Peca”

Genesis has made my active life a lot easier.  I have so much natural energy and I can feel how much nutrition I am getting because I just feel better.  I will be a life-long HealthyBlend customer.” – O. Osborne

“I have been taking Genesis since July 2019.  Within 7 weeks of starting it my doctor has dropped me down to half of my dose of Cholesterol medication and half of my dose of my Blood Pressure medication.  I noticed my energy increase the first day and I have felt like a whole new person since starting Genesis.” – J. Strickland

“Genesis gives me natural energy!  I absolutely love how healthy my body feels since starting Genesis.  I have given and recommended Genesis to my friends and I will continue to both recommend it and take it.” – C. Frout

Stem Cell Complete:

“I have been taking Stem Cell Complete for almost a year to help with my Arthritic pain. I have noticed the pain has decreased and it’s easier for me to do my daily activities. Stem Cell Complete is one of the best all-natural Stem Cell Products on the market.” – K. Istiak”

I want to share with the world what HealthyBlend has done for me.  I have a list of ailments – High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Arthritis and No energy.  I started taking Genesis 1 year ago.  I was in so much pain that I was ready to give up hope.  In one year, my life is different.  I have no pain, my blood pressure is normal and I have no cholesterol issues.  The products are fantastic, I experienced a transformation in my Health.” – E. Lawrence

Mind Over Matter & CBD Oil:

“I really love the products. The CBD Oil was recommended to me months ago but I was reluctant to take it. However, it was very surprising to see how much I ended up loving it. The Mind Over Matter has also helped immensely with my overall needs. Believe me, I was a skeptic & if they worked for me, they will most definitely work for you!” – C. Haynes

I’m 67 years old and have been taking Mind over matter for 4 years. A couple of months after I 1st started taking it in 2015, I had to fill out an application for something or other, and it required my drivers license #. For 50 years I’ve been going into my wallet to get out my license to get the # but this time like nothing, I wrote it down without even thinking! I knew Mind Over Matter was working. Since then, the clarity I have and overall better memory has been well worth taking it. I suggest it to everyone! – E. Scarsdale

Root Boost:

“I have been taking the Root Boost and it has helped my sight.  I was losing my eyesight from Macular Degeneration.  Since taking the Root Boost my eyesight has actually gotten better.  Thank you.” – R. Rogers


“Thank you Healthyblend for my husband NOT having to get up 3 times a night now to go to the bathroom. The Prostacia he’s taking has done everything you all said it would.” – B VanDecar

“My counselor Rob suggested a product called Prostacia. Didn’t know much about it, other than because of my age, it’s a great product men should take. Well, 4 months later, I see a difference in my life, for the better. No more middle of the night trips to the bathroom, and after a recent Dr trip, I’ve gotten a clean bill of health.” – S Barnett

Weight Dropper:

“I started eating better and exercising about 30 minutes a day 6 months ago, and yes I’ve noticed some results, but when I started taking Weight Dropper about 2 months ago, everything seemed to come together. I’ve lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks, and I’m more motivated to lose more.” – W Williamson

Lean Bean:

“I had never heard of a “carbohydrate blocker” before, and was very skeptical about taking this product, but my rep Mr Sites talked me into it. Boy, am I glad he did! I have lost 7 pounds my first month of taking it, and I haven’t changed anything in my life except taking the 2 little capsules before my biggest meal. This is a miracle to me.”
– F Bartolotti

Weight Dropper And Lean Bean:

“Take Weight Dropper and Lean Bean together! I looove carbs, so of course I started taking the Lean Bean, but my sales person Chris suggested that I take both of their weight loss products together because the Weight Dropper speeds your metabolism and cuts cravings. The weight has been dropping and I want other people to know how to do it.”


“Phoenix works”! – L Logan

“Need a little help in the bedroom? Take Phoenix!” – M Steinhoff